Friday, 27 August 2010

New stuff and stuff found.

I'm gonna do the new stuff, first.

I've never really tried pixel-art before, so I decided to have a go to pass some time. It's Baby Barbar. The other half was itching to program a virtual pet, and this is one of the sprites for his idle animation. It took ages and I really put more detail into it than was likely neccessary, given its eventual size, but I'm just playing about at the moment.
Next we have a weird creature face. I was playing around with the smudge tool in photoshop and ended up wasting forty minutes or so on it.
Working on a game with a couple of friends, and this is me figuring out the pose the Lion Tamer should take. He's a bit squint, and I'm not overly excited about that arm, but the kilt is so staying, no matter what.
And some weird eel things, and a little cartoon bird.
Finally, the old. A couple of paintings I did for Uni last year. They were originally intended for the intro to Ted's Fantastic Adventure to the Village of Halflingtown, but I didn't get around to putting it together. I keep meaning to.

Sleeping walruses. Poor Ted is excluded from the group. It's probably a good thing he's so fat from eating all those cabbages and never being allowed to play with the other walruses, otherwise he'd have frozen to death. I don't think Ted is in any position to see the silver lining, though.

Monday, 23 August 2010

More assorted sketches

These are some sketches I did last night.

After playing EBA for about an hour and still getting owned by the same bit on the last level, I gave up and drew the above. Barbar and 80s hairstyle Ladybug were supposed to be lifting the overall mood of the page, but Barbar ended up with this glare on his face. Ladybug doesn't really know what's going on.

A quick few-second sketch of Ara, who was itching at the time.

A walking Sqayaqe, looking quite jaunty about his business, and Ara again. She wasn't itching, this time.

Finally, Admiral Zhao from the Avatar : Last Airbender series. He does actually have a neck, you just can't really see it.

Friday, 20 August 2010

More Sketchbook stuff

And finally, some stuff I did last night.

These are Sqayaqe, little magical rodent-like creatures from a game I designed back in college but never got round to actually drawing before now.

They feed off and reflect emotions, so a squayaqe that's been spending a lot of time around people who are grumpy or downtrodden, for example in the warehouse of a large supermarket or in the basement of an old-folks home, will be affected by those emotions and start to radiate those feelings, making the people who were initially grumpy and mopey will become irritable on an almost psychotic scale, get tearful and run a high risk of eventually comitting suicide.

On the flipside, a sqayaqe that spends a lot of time around people who are exciteable would make everybody happy to the point of delerium, and eventually turn them into giggling cretins.

And these are some random sketches. Barbar doing a grampa-dance, only with slightly more adventurous hip-swinging action, a little mouse, the Polar Bear king and the Gobbo king, chillin'.

Sketchbook stuff

 So this is the other concept for that poster from earlier. Or later, since this thing publishes posts backwards.

And now we're officially caught up and I can post some stuff I've done over the last week

This is the other half. Unfortunately our scanner is pants, so it's not too clear. This is a problem also reflected below in the picture of the mother-in-law.
Pantsy scanner.

And now a picture of Lor Tosididen, a miner in Dwarf Fortress. He's patting his head and rubbing his belly, as a Dorf is wont to do. The scan is slightly better because I used a darker pencil and it could actually pick up half of what was on the paper.

Life Drawing

I had some of my life drawing stuff on here, so I'll put that up as well I guess. I don't really need to explain most of them.

 The last one might need a bit of explaining. It was a focus exercise.

More 3D stuff

First we've got 3D Barbar.

Barbar was made in about four hours. The rig took about that again.

In case you can't read the little writing, he's 8164 faces (15824 tris).

Next is a plane. It was an in-class exercise that took about an hour to model and texture.

It ended up having about 519 faces (998 tris).

Finally, a pedallo. It was designed to look like some little wooden go-cart that some kid could've made with a parent in the garage. I borrowed heavily from 1920s-30s car designs, because those cars are so pretty.

Again, the model is pretty simplistic and only ended up being about 744 faces (1368 tris).

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Flash and Animation

First Flash Animation I did.

A Sack Animation for Uni. He's dancing.

The first two scenes of the Barbar Animatic. I'm planning on finishing it and adding a bit of sound. I'll post that up when I get round to it.

Finally, a small Flash Game from first semester.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Concept for a poster related to the animation I did for college. I liked the idea of an art-nouveau style thing. I have a concept-stage sketch closer to the final piece, but for some reason Blogger hates it. I'll try uploading it again, later.

And the final poster.

One of the earlier concept sketches for the character, Spoons, followed by a storyboard bit from the animation. The animation followed an amateur documentary film maker from the camera's point of view as he attempted to narrate a piece on the conservation of Red Squirrels. He stumbles across the belligerent genetically engineered monstrosity, Spoons - a giant squirrel-cat whose sole purpose in life is to protect the Red Squirrel Reserve.

Finally, I have some illustrations of some RPG characters from a campaign I used to play. Both are from a high-fantasy universe, so I don't know what I was up to with the gantsta-take. It was a quick doodle I did while waiting for something to load, and it ended up not being too horrible so I kept it.

3D Stuff

So I've got some 3D stuff I found.

So this is an environment, again from a couple of years ago. Sort of based on the Hall of the Rivan King from the Belgariad.

Duck yacht. I don't know what was wrong with me this year, I had ducks in almost every single scene.

The year after, it was walruses. There'll be bits of that later. On the subject of vehicles;

Both the car and the plane are from first year college.

And the Rhinobear mentioned last post.

Random Animal Sketches

As the title says, I have a whole bunch of random stuff here. More will be on the way in later posts, since I've got some stuff I haven't even scanned in. And, as with Barbar, there's some sketchbooks I need to get back from Uni before I can scan them.

Considering I live about two minutes away and have been up there almost every day for the past week, you might have thought I'd have picked them up already. I keep forgetting.

A very bright render of a 3D duck I did for a calander back in college about two years ago.

I also have an animation of him dancing, which I will put up here if I find it.

This is Bess the cow.

 She isn't very bright.

These are some sketches of rhinos, as you can probably see. I was doing research for a creature designed for strength, and ended up with a Rhinobear, renders of which I will put up later.

 I really do hate birds. A lot. I remember that the day I drew this I had been kept up most of the night before by birds. We were staying at my dad's house for a couple of days, and he has trees at the bottom of his garden.

Don't get so many trees in Dundee, so I'm no longer used to tweety, irritating little birds. Seagulls, for some reason, don't bother me so much.

 I like these Jellyfish. I did them in 3ds Max about two years ago. I think it was a day-brief in College and I was trying to figure out how in-the-world to get the hair and fur modifier to not look awful.


And the squirrels were, again, research for something that I'll put up later. I think they're all cute, except for that one on the bottom right that looks sort of sinister.

The Polar Bears

Since I mentioned the Polar Bears in the last post, here they are;

This is the Polar Bear King. He doesn't have a name. He is jovial in nature and has a fondness for buzzleberry tea.

In the story, Barbar is initially afraid of the King. When he is invited to tea, sun-set is not far off and he worries that he must get back to his people before it gets dark.

However, wishing to avoid an international incident, he reluctantly agrees to take tea with the King, and the two become best friends.                                                               

Some concept work of the King's throne room, a very large and very grand room with high ceilings which is carved entirely out of ice. Of course, the ornamentation is rather simplistic, as bears have no thumbs and have difficulty holding the tools necessary for intricate ice sculpture.

So we have the polar bear citizens. They are slightly more quadrapedal than their sovreign, and they are dyed with colours and symbols of their rank and occupation within the community.

This particular gentleman is the Captain of the Royal Guard.

And a particularly stylish Captain of the Royal Guard he is, in his spiffy killer whale leather armour.

Armour is designed with overlapping plates to allow for ease of movement and to give maximum cover of vulnerable spots on two legs or four.