Wednesday, 6 October 2010

This week.

So, 14 images this week. Very busy. Took poor James ages to scan them. 

Anyway, first we have two random sketches. The first is a silly picture I drew while he was playing Civ V. Siam offered Arabia pearls in exchange for whales, which gave me a flashback to primary school and the whole 'one for one' thing. Which is what he's saying in the speech bubble.

The second is a weird... shrimp... thing. I dunno if shrimps actually look like that, I'm not a huge fan of seafood myself. He's kind of cute in a terrifying, spidery sort of way, I think.

Next, some things from Sketch Society last week. They're people who were there, and I decided to put them up so there's more pretty stuff that makes actual sense because let's face it this blog could be called lacking in that department.

The one on the right is on a manatee body and saying 'Siha'. Maybe not the best picture to have put right below my declaration of wishing I made more sense, but never mind.

I drew this just before the 'Siha' thing. If you look closely at the hair on the right, you can probably tell that this is where things started to get a bit weird.

And yet another drawing of the other half. A face-on one for once.

All right, with that done, some actual Uni work. For Advanced Visualisation we have to design a character to model and rig and animate and all of that sort of thing. Fed up of doing animals with raptor hands and birds and cutesy rodent-types, I've decided to do a Human character, this time. He's Blacksmith. Blacksmith is a huge man with big arms and a face that looks not unlike a bowl of badly mashed potato. He's also a incredibly clumsy and is always doing himself injury. He has had his leg amputated and replaced it with a solid iron peg-leg.

Despite this, he's a pretty nice guy and finds the whole thing absolutely hilarious. Here's some random art involving him, including a storyboard.

Basically, in the story he's doing his black-smithing thing, and he smells his dinner is ready. His wife comes in to tell him that dinner is indeed ready, and he decides to quickly finish what he's doing before going. When he goes to throw the thing he's working on into the quenching barrel-thing (which won't be magic morphin' in the final thing) he misses horribly and has to go pick it up. Not an incredibly interesting story, but it's just a short thing to establish his character and show him moving around.

Finally, for Advanced Interaction we've to make an interactive environment. That basically means 'small game' and I settled on a single-room gravity-defying puzzle type thing which has the character walking on the walls and exploring things. It's sort of Super Mario Galaxy crossed with any sequential puzzle game you can think of, with a bit of NOLF thrown in for good measure. 

Anyway, I made a map. It's colour coded but because my scanner gets colours mixed up it might not make an awful lot of sense to people who didn't draw the silly thing. It just details all the walls and what's on them, furniture overlap and where the character can pass from one wall to another and that sort of thing.

Anyway, that's all I got.