Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Assorted Things

So some relatively new things, and some quite old things from Uni last year.

I'll start off with the Next Level thing we did; I'd list what everybody did, but it has credits at the end so I really don't need to. Anyway, I uploaded it to Youtube because Blogger really didn't like it for some reason. Probably the file format or size or something. Here it is.

Another picture of the design for the mountain goat. We ended up going with the simpler cartoon-y design on Fraser's advice because this one really would've taken longer to animate, and the other one fits the environment better. But I still like the big cuddly coo-looking goat design.

Yet another picture of the other half. I think it's the first one I've ever drawn where he doesn't have a big bushy beard. The chin threw me off a little when I got down to it, but I think it turned out okay. I also did a caricature.

And next we have a quick picture of Ara. I had to bribe her with sweets to make her stay still long enough for me to draw it, though. She's going to have diabetes by the end of the year, probably. I also have a picture of Admiral Bobbery, from Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door.

And finally, I got my coursework back from last year, and decided to scan some of that in. We have the very first picture of Barbar, and then some random sketches of Barbar and the Polar Bear King.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

So the last week...

Mentioned the virtual pet game in the last post; most of my time this week has been devoted to animating the following sprites;
So they're not actually that small in RL, but they're not very interesting, either. They're idle animations. The walk-cycle took a donkey's age. And it's a bit more exciting to look at, but still pretty tiny.

So I've also done some random sketches. Like a Scholar Dwarf, and the Vhussit.
Scholar Dwarf kind of speaks for himself, but a Vhussit is another creature I made up for the same game as the Sqayaqe that I also never got around to drawing until recently. A vhussit is a sort of emaciated spectral greyhound. Its mood is perpetually foul, but it loves to sing.

Hearing a Vhussit song is generally considered to be a bad omen, not unlike the scream of a banshee, but the origin of that superstition is sort of backwards. Upon hearing the song, the listener normally panics. If the Vhussit is close enough to have its song disturbed by the senseless gibbering, it's annoyed and offended by the interruption, and tears the person to peices.

If the listener escapes the Vhussit's wrath, he or she usually worries so much about their 'impending doom' that they don't pay attention to where they're going, and walk out in front of a bus or something equally dangerous.

Anyway, here's the Vhussit.

I will colour him in at some point.

Lastly; some character art for the Mountain Goat from the Next Level thing. Probably the only thing in this whole post that's relevant to anything.

That chickenscratch you can barely see basically says that I think he's creepy with the huge eyes. He looks much more goat-ish and nice with the little eyes. However, I like the smoother coat.