Monday, 15 November 2010

So this week...

I actually did something productive. Not exactly what I was planning to do, but related to it. I was going to go on a modelling binge, but instead I started getting in to texturing the Blacksmith and ended up going on a texturing binge instead.

First off, I've got the blacksmith. His texture was more or less finished, but I spent a while adding a bit more detail.

His scar's looking a bit more horrible, now, and he's also got some stubble action going on. I also added a burn on one of his arms, messed up his gloves a bit and made the leather trousers a bit nicer.

The stuff for the puzzle game is looking a lot better than it did last post. You can actually tell things apart, now.

I've been avoiding doing the textures for ages, but I'm pleased with how they're turning out so far. I'll put up better screenshots when I've started importing it into UDK and have lit it properly. These are just some random shots of how it's looking in maya at the moment.

And next week I'm going to go back on track and do the work I'm actually planning on doing.

Monday, 8 November 2010


So it's been like... more than a month. I actually have been doing work though. Here's some of it.

Some more drawings from the society. I didn't go at all for the last couple of weeks, so these are pretty old by now.

Yeah, I got stuck with the backs of people's heads a lot that day. Moving on swiftly, I have some work on the screenwriting thing I'm doing.

I don't recall that I've said anything about it before, so I'll explain it briefly; it's a musical claymation cartoon aimed at children. In the story, the crew of a small ship named Sea Fungus are supposed to be doing their chores, but decide to play in the sun instead. Each day, they abandon their tasks and end up regretting it later. The whole thing is set to music and the narrator is talking in rhyme.

I guess it's supposed to be a lesson against procrastination. Rich coming from me with my months-between-blog-posts but never mind.

Here are the character designs;

 They are Monsoir Sack, Bandanna Penguin and Dreadlock Crocopotamus.

Monsoir Sack is more of an imaginary mascot - something along the lines of Wilson from Castaway. He's a bit of a running joke between the crewmembers, and he's used as an excuse for bad behaviour throughout the cartoon.

Anyway, the ship design.

And the first page of storyboard. I've done the rest, but there's like ten pages and I'm not scanning them all in when you can barely even see it, anyway.

Oh, and I've also modelled Bandanna Penguin in clay. Strictly speaking, I didn't need to do this. I just wanted to try clay modelling for a unit where it didn't matter how rubbish it turned out. Have some photos.

Crocopotamus and Monsoir Sack to follow.

Okay, so I've done some work on the Blacksmith. He's modelled and mostly rigged and textured, just requiring a bit of fine-tuning. Hopefully I'll have his workshop finished by the end of the week and I'll post that up, too. 

And lastly, the puzzle game. I've modelled some bits and pieces. They're all unwrapped, but not textured, so they're not to pretty to look at, but I'll put them up as proof that I've done something. Again, I hope to have all the modelling for this done by the end of the week. That's Sunday, by the way. Not Friday.

Oh, and I nearly forgot; Patrick Swayze and Rod Stewart for the mother-in-law's birthday, and a pancake with a face in it.