Friday, 27 January 2012

More of the same

Okay, so I may as well actually explain the pictures from the last few posts; for one of my classes, Personal Project, I'm making a colour-sorting puzzle game. Think Chu Chu Rocket, but based around herding differently coloured sheep.

The game is set in a world inhabited by ragdoll people, whose only method of procration is to knit their offspring from the wool of special sheep. The main character is Dewin, the reluctant heir to a thriving sheep-herding business that has been successfully run by his family for generations. Dewin wants to be a stage magician. The game is about Dewin's struggle to fit his love of magic into the life that his family expects him to lead.

Anyway. I gave Dewin some clothes.

I chose number 3, in the end. The blue with blue hair. I also gave him a dog with which to herd sheep.

Speaking of sheep, the sheep are now coloured.

And I gave Dewin and his family somewhere to live.

Next post, experimenting with expressions and action, and some boring UI and layout stuff.

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Suzanne Jones said...

Fab stuff. Well done. Can't wait for the finished game.